In the tumult and emotion of January 6th, 2021 and its aftermath, it has been somewhat challenging to fully understand what we have just witnessed.

But it’s vital for our maturation as a country that we don’t evade the truth, which is already being spun.

We have just borne witness to an organized attempt by the United States President and a network of aligned groups to effectively overthrow the United States government as it prepares to transition power and thereby to keep that President in power.

If this had happened in a developing world country, we would all be clear…

I am writing to tell you why I believe you should now use your influence to remove President Trump by the 25th Amendment.

I recognize that you have been fiercely committed to maintaining the power of the Republican party to enact its agenda.

The pathway to the Republican Party continuing to wield national power beyond this debacle can only happen through a key leader in the Republican Party owning the mistake and taking public responsibility for ensuring accountability of a President who has done deep harm to our Republic.

President Trump has desecrated our democracy with insurrection and violence. His…

There are many important reasons to deny Donald Trump a second term but one, I believe, is more lasting than any other.

The success of the human endeavor, much less the American experiment, depends on our growth as human beings. With each passing year, we become more powerful in our ability to shape the world to our will.

Do we become wiser in wielding that power? If not, we imperil our children and our grandchildren.

Donald Trump is a serious threat to our future because he degrades our consciousness and takes us in the opposite direction of wisdom. As President…

In 2016 when I published my book Sacred America, Sacred World, I did my best to be inclusive and transpartisan in my writing even though I lean fairly strongly progressive: I incorporated feedback from thoughtful Republicans, honored the wisdom on the right, and I even traveled to both the Democratic and Republican National Convention. At the latter, I spoke in a Purple Tent on the same panel as Grover Norquist.

I included two endorsements from Republicans on the back cover of my book, and many told me my book was one of the few things that helped them bridge the…

Note: The purpose of this article is not to speak to those who are spreading Bill Gates-is-the-Antichrist or the coronavirus-is-a-hoax memes. If you’re deep in the conspiratorial worldview, I’m not going to present evidence to dissuade you of your opinions here. I’m going to present some perspectives that can help those of us who are not following you down that path to understand what is happening. It’s probably best for you not to read this.

So my real audience is well-intended people who are doing our best to keep our loosely-defined human potential movement on an evolutionary path forward to…

<updated 3/20/2020>

I believe crises carry the seeds of opportunity if we approach them in the right way, which means clearly understanding the facts and strategizing a response that helps us emerge stronger and wiser on the other side.

Extensive research into the coronavirus pandemic leads me to conclude that the time is NOW to implement strong social distancing and protective measures to minimize the pandemic. Not tomorrow. Today.

It’s time to stop public gatherings everywhere we can so that we can slow the spread and gear up our emergency preparedness, as well as identify the large number of people…

Despite the loud calls from Bernie supporters for Warren to drop out after a lackluster Super Tuesday, it’s actually better for Bernie and his supporters if she stays in for at least six reasons:

1. Delegates — the last Morning Consult poll said that Bernie was the 2nd choice of only 40% of Warren supporters (the total of Biden-Buttigieg-Klobuchar was 44%) . Even if we assume a best-case scenario where that increased to 60% going to Bernie, it still means that if Warren drops, Bernie loses all the potential delegates of those 40–60% of her supporters. The delegate total at…

I can totally get how exhilarating this moment must be for you.

I want to honor your excitement to have found a political leader you can believe in with Bernie Sanders. He truly is gifted, for he sees many changes that are required for America to fulfill our promise and articulates them in a way that moves millions. He is bold. Fearless even.

Kudos to you for having built a strong enough political movement that you have a chance to enact real changes. …

Choosing a Democratic candidate for President this year is an exceptionally important task if we want to preserve our democracy from the assaults of Trump and his Republican allies.

That’s why it’s not a moment to go just based on emotion, buzz, or excitement. What’s needed is a rigorous appraisal of what we need to win.

We need a strategic assessment of who can go toe-to-toe with the $1 billion “Death Star” campaign of misinformation that Trump is assembling. Who can beat the propaganda? Who can rally ALL the forces we need?

At first blush, you might think that this…

At the Nevada debate, by virtually all accounts, Warren took Bloomberg down. Hard.

Bloomberg became the billionaire stand-in for Trump and all the candidates did their best to pile on, but the one who prosecuted the case most clearly and convincingly was Warren.

She demonstrated that she has the one quality that hasn’t been so evident in the primary: the ability to be a street fighter when facing powerful opposition.

Subliminally, I think many people might have feared that a woman might fare worse in a one-on-one battle with Trump after what happened with Clinton. …

Stephen Dinan

Founder & CEO of The Shift Network, member of the Transformational Leadership Council, speaker, author of Sacred America, Sacred World

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